IT Managed Services

Cloud Services

Highly Available Infrastructure

SpringPoint Technologies’ enterprise cloud solutions and hosting services allow customers to future-proof IT operations and maximize their business value. By tailoring cloud deployments to specific customer needs, SpringPoint continues to provide new, enriched cloud capabilities for mission-critical and day-to-day enterprise operations.


Software as a Service (SaaS) Management

The term “Software as a Service” implies that, instead of purchasing the software, you are paying for it as a service, which really means the right to use the software.

You are also (usually) purchasing a hosting and infrastructure service along with the rights to use the software. SaaS providers maintain the hardware, perform upgrades, backup your data, and otherwise perform all of the “keep the lights on” services and activities required to keep the software running. This takes the responsibility for upgrades and maintenance off your hands.

SpringPoint partners with a number of SaaS vendors to provide turnkey software solutions for your business.


Cloud Storage - Simple Offsite Storage and Backup

Sharing and storing data has become easier, faster, and more secure in the cloud. Use Cloud Storage to share files with colleagues, archive documents, or securely store company data. SpringPoint can quickly and easily connect your business to cloud storage providers, allowing seamless integration into our Cloud Hosting products or private WAN services. Simply mount the storage to your VM or network and your Cloud Storage will be up and running.

We want technology to enable a company to achieve its goals; we want our people to treat technology the way they want technology to be treated toward them; and we want the business to come first and the technology second.

~ Jay Burgess