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CIO Services

Your Trusted Technology Advisor

All companies engage trusted advisors for their business, such as a financial planners or CPAs. Similarly, there are times when you will need guidance on your organization's IT strategy and operations; especially when embarking on an IT strategy to match future business needs. Without in-house expertise to rely on, a “virtual” CIO can become your IT business partner.

Typical CIO responsibilities can be categorized as follows:




Network and security assessments that provide an unbiased perspective of configuration and policies



IT budgets, IT staffing, disaster recovery and business continuity, strategic IT planning and customized roadmaps



Network design and relocation, comprehensive IT outsourcing and managed service plans



Hosted services/cloud computing/Software-as-a-Service capabilities, help desk, network management, on-site support

Some organizations can assume responsibility for these on an individual basis. Frequently, however, the complexity increases due to extended timeframes, multiple geographic locations or complex compliance requirements. In these situations, the trusted advice of a virtual CIO can help you achieve your IT objectives. 

Only a few select individuals have the experience and leadership skills to assume the responsibilities of a CIO. SpringPoint Technologies offers fully qualified executives to fulfill this role on a regularly scheduled or as-needed basis. We help our clients align their IT and business strategies. Get started by contacting us now.

It’s invaluable to be able to remember something we did for a client years ago and find a way to bring that solution to another client with a similar problem, without having to reinvent the wheel every time.

~ Tony Korson